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        Romantic Garden Party Wedding in Elizabethtown, PA

        Let me introduce you to the glorious feast for the eyes that was Sarah and Todd’s romantic garden party wedding. It was a stop-in-your-tracks, jaw dropping stunner of a day! I’ve known beautiful Sarah for many years. I’ve always known that she would be the kind of bride made for magazine covers. I mean, just sneak a look below at the way Todd reacted to her during their First Look. Talk about time standing still! The full day of festivities took place at Moonstone Manor in Elizabethtown, PA and every detail was a perfect reflection of their personalities: sweet, charming and truly effervescent.

        From the Bride:

        “We had to start hair and makeup at 7:00am even though pictures didn’t start until 1:30pm because there were so many of us. As much as we all dreaded starting that early we had a beautiful sun room at Moonstone Manor to get ready in and it turned out to be such a relaxing and fun time with my girls. So many laughs and fun times were shared that morning.”

        From the Bride:

        “We kept debating if we wanted to do a first look. Now it is one of our favorite memories from our wedding day! It is so special to have that alone time with your soon to be husband before the business of your wedding day begins.”

        Sarah and Todd made sure to honor their loved ones through some very special tributes found in the day’s details. During the ceremony, the couple used the same unity candle from the wedding of Todd’s mom and late father. The bride and grooms’ moms lit the two individual candles in celebration of the families joining as one. Also, as the only girl in a set of triplets, Sarah and her mom share a particularly close relationship. She had her mom’s lace veil sewn into the bottom of her dress as a way to celebrate their bond.

        This wedding was definitely not lacking in the emotional department. Just a few months prior to the wedding, Sarah’s Dad had a serious accident. At the time, no one was sure if he’d be able to walk on the big day. Thanks to the efforts of his incredible medical and rehabilitation team, not only did he escort his daughter down the aisle, but they were also able to partake in the traditional Father-Daughter dance. Let’s just say that on this day a lot of happy tears were shed.

        FACT: Sarah and Todd had the prettiest, friendliest, most photogenic bridal party of all time.

        From the Bride:

        “We went to one dance class to get a good idea of how to do an easy choreographed dance and not only was the dance class a great time (I would highly recommend it!), but it made us feel so comfortable on the dance floor. It wasn’t perfect and we definitely messed up a few steps, but it was special to us since we learned it together and could now share it with our friends and family.”

        This wedding was a DANCE PARTY. I’m telling you every single guest got onto that dance floor and shook their thang. At some point, the DJ handed a microphone out to one of the bridesmaids and it passed from guest to guest as friends and family serenaded the happy couple. So fun and so heartwarming to watch.

        From the Bride:

        “We LOVED having a sparkler exit! It is so much fun to parade through your family and friends lighting the way with your new husband and to see everyone’s excitement one last time before you leave the venue.”