TO MENU


        We are so happy you found us and can’t wait to meet you! There is so much we want to tell you so the best thing for us to do is just jump on in...

        First things first, CONGRATULATIONS!

        We’re so thrilled to have the chance to “meet” you and potentially to be a part of bringing your dream wedding day to life. With us, you’ll have a team of experienced pros by your side who know what they’re doing and can handle everything big and small, expected and unforeseen, when it comes to your Big Day. You’ll also get a team who are partners in vision, business and life. With Shawn on the business side and Emilee in design and event expertise, we form a duo that covers all bases in unforgettable hospitality, entertaining, and joyful gathering experiences.

        We started this business because honestly, we just love celebrating love and marriage. And because together, we’re really pretty great at thinking creatively, organizing details, taking care of people, and making big things happen. We love working with couples who have a creative, inspired, and FUN wedding day in mind. Those who aren’t afraid to take a step away from the traditional (even if it’s just small steps!) and make their wedding celebrations really unique, personal reflections of their stories.

        For you, that might mean hosting your event at the college town bar where you met, transforming the space into a beautiful reception venue where good wishes, good tunes, and good noms flow as freely as the specialty drinks from the bar.

        Count us in.

        Or maybe you dream of being joined by your parents to witness your romantic, intimate I do’s on the beach, right on the spot where he proposed as the sun rises out of the corner of your eye…followed by a brunch party by the sea for all of your loved ones (because, pancakes).

        We can make that happen.

        Or maybe you picture yourself celebrating in the backyard of your childhood home, with all of your favorite people there to join you in dining (from a mobile pizza catering company) and dancing (to all of the best the 90’s and 00’s had to offer) under the stars.  

        OKAY we’re all in for this one!

        More than anything we want you to cherish your wedding day as the day where everything in your life got that much sweeter.

        Before you read any further, some [very] important thoughts…

        Besides your photographer or videographer, your wedding planner / day of coordination team is the one vendor you will spend the most time with leading up to, during, and after your Big Day. We can’t stress enough how important it is for you to not just connect with their work, but connect with them as people. Whoever you decide to book for your event, you need to be able to trust them AND enjoy spending time together. So, with that said, whether you met us online or through mutual pals...whether we met through a super charming meet-cute (like the newly engaged construction worker we ended up bonding and scrolling through proposal photos with while parking our car for a downtown event) (Hi Joey!) or we’ve been “just friends” for a long time, we want to make sure we are exactly what you’re looking for before anyone signs any dotted lines.

        Do you love to eat? We do too...Do you love to talk about your babies / fur babies probably more than you should? Um, yeah...do you love your family and friends more than anything else in the universe? Yes, yes, and more yes! OKAY THEN! Our potential match is looking goooood!

        If you want to learn even more about us, you can find more info here! And, if you still haven’t had enough, you can follow us now on Facebook and on IG at @wedandwanderco, where we are always sharing what we’re up to!


        What it’s like to work with us.

        We’re not fancy. We’ll start there. We like to think we are pretty normal, laidback folks. We often can be a bit weird and goofy. We’re kind, hyper organized, and like to get things done — and most importantly, do them well. Above all else, we have a heart for bringing joy into others’ lives through our God-given gifts.

        We are a memories-first planning and coordination team. We love, love, love our friends in photography and filmmaking and we know you hired them because you want to remember every delightful moment of your day that made it special -- both the planned moments, and unexpected ones. From our perspective, this means that we encourage all of our couples to invest in who they consider to be truly spectacular photo and video professionals. People who know their stuff and are exciting and inspiring to work with. It also means that we work hand-in-hand with these creatives to plan a fluid, flexible event timeline that takes into account your dream shot list, what the weather might have in store, and candid moments that deserve to be fully enjoyed in all of their glory.

        We care deeply about making celebrations feel very personal, genuine, and fun, making sure everyone involved -- we’re talking about everyone from you, the bride and groom, to your parents to your bridal party to your guests to your vendors -- feels taken care of, on the same page, and happy. We believe our number one responsibility is to make sure our couples ENJOY their wedding day and planning process, lifting them up with great hope and anticipation for everything that marriage will have in store for them. Because we love marriage and honestly think it’s the greatest gift in the world.
        Before we do anything, we’ll start with coffee, as most good things in life do.

        We always kick off any new relationship with a zero-pressure coffee date--either in person or virtual. We can talk more about our services, our pricing, our availability, what breeds of dog we think are cutest, and why we believe ice cream should be its own food group. To set this up, you simply have to go to our contact page here, send us a quick message, and we’ll get something on the calendar very soon! After our chat, we’ll send you a proposal and answer any final questions. All you need to do to reserve your date is send us a signed contract with a 50% deposit. From that point on, we’re a team!

        Soon after we get your date locked in, we’ll take you guys out on a first “official” date. We’re all about building sweet, trusted friendships with our couples, and having a good time while we gets things done. We’ll hang out in a casual environment to get to know you and your story, and hear about all of your ideas plans so far. Maybe over a [very competitive] round of bowling, we find out that you both have deep Italian roots and love to spend Friday nights staying in and cooking together. What better way to celebrate that than to craft Italian seasoning mixes as favors for your guests! Or, while exploring the zoo, maybe we discover that you love any excuse to send handwritten letters, so we come up with the idea for you to write a personal letter to every guest, waiting for them with their escort card.  AND no worries if we’re working together long-distance! You won’t miss out on any of the fun. Our first five years of dating were long-distance, so we are pros at making virtual dates and relationships work. 


        We begin with PLANS + LOGISTICS, helping you to imagine what your perfect day looks like, and putting ideas into action!

        + Date
        + Budget
        + Mood Board + Color Palette
        + Venue(s)
        + Day-of Wedding Creatives -- the folks who will be by your side all day, making things happen. (e.g. Photography, Videography, Catering, DJ or Band or EmCee)

        From there, we create the EVENT DESIGN + STYLING of the day, bringing your love story to life through creative details, design and experiences that reflect your signature style and vibe as a couple.  

        + Vendors -- Florals, Stationery, Calligraphy, Cake + Dessert, Rentals, Hair and Makeup, Custom Favors, Entertainment, etc.
        + Attire -- Dress, Veil, Tux or Suit, Rings, Accessories and Jewelry, Shoes, etc.
        + Guest Experience -- Accommodations, Transportation, Event Flow, Floor Plan
        + Ceremony and Reception Decor
        + Memorable Moments and Personal Details

        Leading up to the wedding, we keep everything moving through DETAILS COORDINATION, collaborating with the venue and vendors, managing budgets, creating timelines, and more.

        + Venue and Vendor Contracts and Communications
        + Banquet Event Orders
        + Site Visits
        + Guest RSVPs + Seating Charts
        + Timelines
        + Music Selections
        + Photo Shot List

        By the time the wedding week arrives, our clients feel more like friends which creates a confident, relaxed environment for DAY-OF EXECUTION.

        + Ceremony Rehearsal Direction
        + Venue Setup and Vendor Coordination
        + Processional and Recessional Coordination
        + Reception Coordination
        + Personal Belonging Management
        + Bridal Party and Guests Direction and Support
        + Final Payment and Gratuities Distribution
        + Event Breakdown and Load Out

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