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        Georgetown Waterfront Proposal in Washington, DC

        I will never forget April 4th, 2015. It was our five year anniversary. We had a day full of plans, having decided we’d go to our favorite Virginia winery followed by a romantic dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. After a late breakfast at home, we drove out to Paradise Springs Winery and spent the afternoon over a bottle of wine going back and forth between bursts of lively conversation and sitting in happy silence, simply taking in a beautiful day. Our dinner reservations at Filomena Ristorante were set for 8:00pm so we had all the time in the world, or so I thought.

        Around 3:45 Shawn decided that we had to leave the winery…immediately. I remember fighting him on it. “But why? Why do we have to leave the wine? I don’t understand!”

        “We have to go get ready for dinner.”

        “Babe. Dinner isn’t for another four hours.”

        “I think we should go grab drinks first.”

        “But, we are grabbing drinks!” *looks at empty wine glass begging to be refilled*

        “I want other drinks.”

        Well, I was wine happy so I just shrugged it off and said, “Okay babe, we’ll get other drinks.”

        An hour or so later we were changed and walking by the many bars and restaurants that line Georgetown’s main shopping district. For some reason, none of their bar menus were good enough for Shawn. I just kept thinking, “Since when is my boyfriend such a cocktail snob? He needs to get over whatever this is cuz it’s not cute. Also, I have to pee.”

        After a quick potty break and more cocktail snobbery, we made it down to the Georgetown Waterfront where Shawn had insisted he’d finally be able to find a good drink. But when we got there, he changed his mind saying, “Wow what a beautiful sunset. Let’s take a quick walk down through the park and enjoy it before drinks.”

        Me, out loud to Shawn: “Awh what a great idea!”
        Me, to myself: “Why oh why did he make me leave the wine?”

        Side note. It was not warm on this day. In fact, it was downright chilly. But when we had changed for dinner, Shawn had convinced me not to wear my jacket because I have a really bad habit of losing things and we were going to be bar hopping. So basically, I was freezing and only getting colder because the beautiful sunset also meant my only hope for a heat source was going down. But I do have to say, it really was a gorgeous sight, so I really wasn’t too upset to take a little detour and savor it. Soon I would find out that the “no coats” rule was Shawn’s way of ensuring we’d have photos where I didn’t resemble a bundled up eskimo. His foresight and thoughtfulness are some of my favorite things about him.

        So there we were, walking along the Potomac River when I saw a couple of photographers ahead of us taking what I thought were headshots of each other. I pointed them out to Shawn and said, “Oh look, they must be in a photography class at Georgetown!” To which he replied, “Yeah, that makes sense. They probably are.” And we continued on our way.

        A few minutes later, Shawn stopped me along the water and next thing I knew he was on one knee. I give major props to the man. He was [mostly] calm, took his time sharing what was on his heart and pulled off the most epic surprise engagement of all time, even making sure every moment of it was captured on camera (by the very same photographers I had randomly spotted a quarter mile away — that part makes me laugh every time I tell this story)!

        As the song goes,
        What a man, what a man, what a man, What a mighty good man.

        The thing that surprised me the most about the whole thing was that I DIDN’T CRY! Every time I had imagined our engagement over the years, I’d get teary-eyed just thinking about it. But in the moment, all I did was beam and giggle and jump for joy. I blame the wine.

        Oh and because I feel like it’s an important detail, Shawn did finally get his ‘other’ drink as we celebrated at dinner.