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        How to choose your ceremony readings to fit your wedding style on Wed + Wander Co. Bride, groom, how to plan your wedding ceremony, how to choose wedding readings, how to select wedding readings, romantic wedding, thoughtful wedding, simple wedding, laid-back wedding, artsy wedding, unconventional wedding, playful wedding, free-spirited wedding, poetic wedding, timeless wedding, modern wedding, minimalist wedding, ceremony details, wedding planning. WEDDING PLANNING WEDDING PLANNING

        Ceremony Readings that Will Perfectly Set the Tone for Your Big Day

        February 12, 2019 Okay bride friends, let’s get real here. How much time and energy have you already put into planning your reception? And how much effort has gone toward your ceremony? If you’re anything like I was, ...
        How to choose your perfect wedding rings to fit your wedding budget, your timeline, your lifestyle, your heart, your love story, and your style on Wed + Wander Co. Bride, groom, how to choose wedding bands, how to select wedding bands, modern wedding, wedding planning. WEDDING PLANNING WEDDING PLANNING

        6 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Rings

        February 9, 2019 It just hit me today how crazy it is that in the fashion world of wedding planning, most brides purchase their dress first, followed by the rest of their day-of accessories and jewelry, with one of th...
        Balance Motherhood Career Photo US US

        Balancing Motherhood + Career

        February 2, 2019 You know how some women have a natural gift for motherhood? Yeah that’s definitely not me. Let me start these thoughts off by saying I really, really, really love my son. I love seeing his big smile...
        Wedding Consultation Photo RUNNING A BUSINESS RUNNING A BUSINESS

        A Peek Into A Work-From-Home Creative’s Daily Routine

        January 3, 2019 You know the best part about having a Type A personality? Thriving in the universe of detail management. Managing people, projects, commitments, and unexpected turns of events without a sweat.  You...